How did Keanu Reeves get into the CBD Business?

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Keanu Charles Reeves is one of the most loved Canadian actors of all time. His versatile acting and good looks are definitely the reasons behind his popularity but not every famous actor is loved by people too. More significant reasons have always kept the fan-following of Keanu Reeves getting stronger with each passing day. 

Despite having a tragic life story, his empathy, kindness, and compassion only increased towards people. He has been secretly donating millions to the hospitals and for other charitable purposes. His humble and quiet nature has won the hearts of many a time. His role as a CEO of a motorbike manufacturing company has only benefitted the poor as much of his profits go for the poor, noticed or unnoticed.

Keanu stepped into the world of CBD a couple of years ago without any excessive advertising. Let’s look at the motive behind Keanu’s getting into the CBD business. 

Keanu’s Life story:

Keanu’s life story may make anyone’s eyes tear up. From being dropped out of school to losing his girlfriend in an accident, he has seen every sort of tragedy that breaks one’s heart in numerous pieces. However, Keanu chose to stand firm and help the people stay strong during such situations being a great inspiration. Besides being an inspiration, he practically worked to induce relaxation and peace in people’s lives through charity and his CBD business. Yes, you read it right.

Keanu’s CBD Business:

Keanu’s life story indicates that he has struggled with mental pressure more than anything else. His CBD Company and his stance on it never became highlighted until before another big pharmaceutical company couldn’t digest his success. Keanu’s CBD prices were 90% lower than big pharmaceutical companies. Besides the reasonable cost, his CBD products were five times more effective.

He provided better quality at such a price that made people leave buying from other brands. That’s when a big name in the field of pharmaceutics, i.e., Pfizer, openly stood against his CBD. When they couldn’t compete, they started looking for other ways to let him down. However, it was the time when Keanu talked about the factor that inspired him to make such CBD products. 

He told the media that he started this part-time project back in 2019 because of his passion. Moreover, he wanted to pay back people for all the love they had been showering at him. He wanted people to spend pain-free and happier lives through his CBD products.

In order to enable everyone to buy it, Keanu kept the prices minimum. That’s why his products fly off the shelves in no time. Thus, his primary focus right now is to meet the people’s demands.


Facing the rivalry lawsuit from Pfizer made Keanu just more strong and more motivated. He came to the media to distribute free samples among people. Keanu once again showed his compassion towards the better lives of people. That’s why he decided to fight back Pfizer rather than calling it quits.


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