How to Roll Backwoods Blunt like a Total Pro

jim jones smoking bacwood blunt on podcast

An energetic, euphoric buzz is just a combo away; Cannabis and Tobacco have always been so good together. People who want flavorful buzz usually go for blunt, and Backwoods blunt excites the whole game. Backwoods blunt is undoubtedly much more enjoyable, but it causes a significant difficulty. The Backwoods blunt is nothing but a raw dried leaf that may crush any time; however, you may enhance your experience triple-fold if you roll it right!

This article will help you learn how to roll a raw leaf blunt like a pro. Let’s get started!

First Step: Crush Weed by Hand

Get your Cannabis jar and pick out your favourite buds. Manually break those buds into small pieces but avoid grinding them in a grinder if you want to enjoy a smooth smoke. You may need around 1.5-2 grams of Cannabis for one Backwoods blunt. You may need to consider the size of the leaf too.

Second step: Look for the Edge of the Wrap

Track the leaf down to the cigar’s tip starting from the edge of the leaf. It will allow a safe and smooth unfolding of the leaf. 

Step Three: Peel the Wrap

Suppose you are done with unravelling the leaf, peel off the wrap away from the cigar. Don’t worry about the shed off the wrap and wasting it in the ashtray. After all, we will fill these leaves with something so flavorful and relaxing that it’s worth it.

Step Four: Time to Fill the Blunt

It might be more challenging to fill up a Backwoods blunt because not all leaves come in the same shape or size. You need a lot of practice to master this step. Start filling the blunt by keeping buds in the central part and extending the lineup and down from the centre. 

Step Five: Start packing it up.

The best packing-up approach is to hold the blunt using the first three fingers; thumb, index and middle finger.

Step Six: Roll up, tuck, Roll up, Tuck, and Repeat!

Start rolling the leaf from its direction towards you. Apply gentle pressure with the thumb to make the blunt tighter. Meanwhile, keep tucking it on the other side to make it more intact and reliable. It’ll also prevent the buds from falling out from the blunt.

Step Seven: Time to end what you started

Endings are always more complex than beginning a task, and that’s why we have so many quotes on giving up. This step is yet another task that needs a lot of mastery to be done correctly. Keep rolling till the end, and it becomes much easier once it becomes a part of muscle memory. Don’t panic if the weed falls out, as you can always top up with more. 

Step Eight: Give the Finishing Touch

The natural leftover tip of the leaf will help you tuck and seal the blunt once you are done with rolling. Be generous while licking that leftover tip and tuck that inside the roll. Saliva will help in intact sealing through liquid suction force. Gently push it down with your lips and create a tight seal.

Your dream Backwoods blunt is ready! It’s time to get started with the Cannabis journey.

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