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And now for something completely different.

It took me a good minute to figure out what the genetics were on Wagyu by Clout King.

With so many gelato crosses on the market at first I thought the complex nose was a gelato cross.

But then as I dug in deeper I found those musky earthy peppery notes and realized this was a very different strain.

I believe Wagyu by Clout King to be Meatloaf Breathe, well the best rarest cut of Meatloaf Breathe ever hence the name.

Meatloaf Breathe is an interesting strain as no one knows what half of the genetics of this rare indica dominant are.

Meatloaf Breathe is Meatloaf crossed with Mendo Breathe F2.

Mendo Breathes’ genetics are well documented with a family tree that includes White Widow, Trainwreck, Chemdawg and Durbin Poison.

While no one knows the genetics of the mystery strain Meatloaf which gets its name from its earthy spicy meaty flavor.

When opening the jar you are greeting with a musky earthy peppery nose with light floral notes.

The meatiness comes through on the inhale as it is very heavy, danky, spicy and peppery while the exhale goes in a much lighter gassier direction.

The high is very heavy, calming and blissful. Ideal for treating migraines, headaches or insomnia.

Was it worth the money and would I buy it again? Yes, it was quality through and through. A very unique flower grown, flushed, cured, and manicured the right way.

I also tend to enjoy the more unique strains not everyone else is growing.

THC: 28.14%
CBD: 0.71%