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This Indica leaning hybrid strain is a cross between two heavy-hitting, west coast-based strains: Mendo Breath and Maximus. With beautifully caked nugs it beckons you closer. Upon close inspection, you’ll notice an aroma that is a blend of citrusy pine, with a hint of gas. This is a rare strain that is hard to come by so if you’re looking to try something new, give this strain a try while you still can.

Users in the marijuana community report that the effects of Big Cat Kush come gradually until it hits users hard. This Indica dominant hybrid strain will have you feeling the cerebral effects before the full-body effects come into play. Initially, it starts in your head as the head buzz takes you into an elevated state of mind and makes you very happy. Then, as the high progress, your body will feel completely relaxed. Those tense muscles will feel a lot looser and no longer tense. Users also report feeling in a very good mood, allowing them to feel at ease while doing whatever it is they’re about to do. Interestingly, some users have also reported they feel a bit more creative on this strain, as it allows some users to think from a different perspective. This strain is recommended for nighttime use.